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If you have dreamed of owning your own private equestrian estate, you are not alone. In the United States alone, there are over 2 million horse owners. Fortunately, many people do have their own properties in which to care for horses, however, every month some owners must invest in the care of their equines by having them boarded in stables. Research indicates, though, that the population of horse owners in the United States has only continued to trend upward which means that more people are owning horses. Considering the growth of ownership, it is reasonable to believe that the need for horse properties is also increasing. 

Although for some equestrian enthusiasts, horses are used for recreation, for millions of individuals, horses are a lifestyle. Despite challenges faced by equine communities, horses have continued to thrive, filling a range of roles that extend from agricultural to service. Even from a historical perspective, horses remain to be a significant part of American culture, an aspect that has been woven into the fiber of Bluegrass since as early as the 18th century. For people most passionate about equines, an equestrian estate is a vital part of ensuring that horses continue to flourish. 

Over the last decades, horse populations have only continued to increase at a steady rate. Although much of agriculture has been mechanized over the years, some working farms today still rely on horses, and for a number of reasons! Equestrian estate owners use horses for a wide scope of activities to include boarding, training, breeding, recreation and for many, owning horses is a thriving business from an economical standpoint. 

Equestrian Estate Locations

The regions of Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky are the quintessential example of an equestrian community where horses are held with high regard. In fact, the city of Lexington, KY has come to be known as ‘The Horse Capital of the World’. Boasting close to 500 horse farms, the area is a hub for equine activities including tourist attractions closely tied to the area’s history with horses. Visitors can take excursions through any number of horse farms which have been a staple in the area for hundreds of years. Just a little over an hour away from Lexington is the city of Louisville where the annual Kentucky Derby, featuring the world’s most famous horses, is held. 

Owning an equestrian estate is a unique venture, however, our experts specialize not only in residential real estate and rural properties, but properties that are specifically designed with the equine lifestyle in mind. Horse owners have the opportunity to find or develop the home of their dreams with their love for equines in mind. Finding an equestrian estate in an area such as Lexington or Louisville is possible with the expertise of your real estate agent.

Regardless of whether or not you own one horses or several, exploring the possibilities with an equestrian estate will open the doors to beautiful properties that meet your budget and specifications. Equestrian estates are indeed an investment but there is great opportunity to either simply live the country life or build a thriving enterprise. 

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