Mini Horse Farm Property

Mini Horse Farm Property

Buying a Mini Horse Farm Property

mini horse farm propertyThere are many mini horse farm properties for sale in Lexington, KY. A small horse farm is simply a farm where horses can be raised that is not a large estate. Because many people associate horse properties with large plantations or estates, there is sometimes some confusion about smaller horse farms. Furthermore, there are actually farms that raise miniature breed horses to add to the confusion. Simply put, a mini horse farm is just a farm with less acreage.

Future homebuyers may look for a mini horse farm property in Lexington, KY or Louisville. Both Lexington and Louisville are famous for the equestrian lifestyle. In fact, Louisville is home of the famous Kentucky Derby. People interested in purchasing a horse property will find no better region that that of Louisville or Lexington. Kentucky is a state that exudes the culture and history of American horse ownership through and through.

Locating a small horse farm is easy with the help of an equestrian real estate agent. K2 Group is a firm that specialises in horse properties and luxury estates. Like residential real estate, purchasing horse properties involves quite a bit of legwork. An experience realtor can work with buyers and sellers to facilitate real estate transactions with expertise.

Known as the ‘Horse Capital of the World’, Lexington is already home to many horse properties. In fact, there are well over 400 horse farms in the city. The reality is that potential buyers are likely to find properties that are suitable for various budgets and personal tastes. A mini horse farm is a realistic opportunity that is certainly within reach for many individuals.

Mini Horse Farm Land

Mini horse farm land will provide a range of price points that range from very low to mid-range and high-end for luxury properties. The most cost-efficient housing options will involve less land and smaller dwellings. Regardless of the fact that small horse properties have fewer acres, it is still possible to build a decent size home if needed. Smaller horse farms may be as compact as 2.5 acres or as small as 4-5 acres.

Lexington is a picturesque place to raise horses in the area known as the Bluegrass State. Homebuyers will find a wealth of resources and lifestyle facilities. Furthermore, Lexington has land that is ideal for horses. From activities like riding and grazing, horses can be nurtured well.

Large families, couples and individuals can enjoy the experience of raising horses and living the equestrian lifestyle in one of the most beautiful places in the country. With planning and a vision, it is possible to build a dream horse farm.

Horse properties in Lexington offer a wide range of options from turnkey estates to small plots of land for farming. Homes may be as modest or as extravagant as one desires based on the amount of land available. Finding the perfect place to raise horses, tend to a farm or develop a thriving business is merely a phone call away.

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