Ranchette Horse Properties

Ranchette Horse Properties

Ranchette Horse Properties for Sale

ranchette horse propertiesRanchette horse properties are becoming popular for people who are interested in owning a smaller lot to raise horses. Horse properties vary in size from a few acres to hundreds of acres. The fact of the matter is that a ranchette is an ideal investment for horse enthusiasts primarily because of its size. Owning a ranch is a dream for many individuals who live in and around rural areas. In fact, city dwellers also dream of having a farm property. A smaller farm could possibly be the perfect option for a first time buyer or an enthusiast with a single horse. 

Ranchette horse properties are appropriate for owners that prefer to be in close proximity with their animals. The smaller property can still allow for enough facilities to maintain a horse such as barns and stables. In fact, small horse farms can be custom designed by prospective owners who wish to put their own unique flair on a property. Additionally, turn-key ranchettes are also available from previous owners. Individuals who are looking to escape city life and retreat to a rural area will find that a ranchette might be a great solution. 

Purchasing a small ranch is easier to do with an experienced equestrian real estate agent. Equestrian Realtors have the knowledge to help buyers and sellers with closing smooth transactions. Not only are equestrian Realtors knowledgeable about horse properties, but many own horses themselves. 

Investing in a Ranchette

When a buyer has decided to invest in a small ranchette there are a few important aspects of the process to keep in mind. First, as with any home purchase, location is everything. In Lexington, KY, there is ample land available to purchase for a small ranch. Furthermore, the city is well-known for its equestrian culture, history and lifestyle. Buyers who decide to relocate to Lexington or surrounding areas are likely to find horse-friendly communities. Having neighbors that also love horses is fantastic.

The location of a ranchette is also important because horses must be raised on a very specific type of soil. Due to the fact that horses graze for their vitality, the type of soil is usually a determining factor in choosing a property. Furthermore, the location of the property should also be strategic to meet the needs of the horse owner. Transportation due to daily activities, health needs, and schools are important to people who live in rural areas. But, not all small ranches are located in rural settings. Some suburban centers also have areas with small farms or farms located within close proximity of larger cities. 

Small Farms

One of the things that people enjoy most about owning a small farm is the fact that they can enjoy the convenience of both worlds. Smaller farms can be as simple or as extravagant as buyers desire depending on their preference. Because the farms require less land, they are in many cases, easier to manage than a large estate. 

Finally, investing in a ranch of a smaller size may be a cost-friendly investment for homebuyers just starting out. Purchasing land for a ranchette and then building a home is one option for buyers whereas investing in a previously owned property is another. 


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