Locate Equestrian Real Estate

Locate Equestrian Real Estate

Locate Equestrian Real Estate in Lexington


equestrian real estateThere are over 9 million equines in the USA. In fact, the horse population in the country happens to be the largest in the world. People hoping to locate equestrian real estate will certainly find options in Lexington, Kentucky. Equestrian real estate is a growing market in the area which is currently home to over 450 different horse farms. Individuals hope to own land while nurturing their love for horses. The fact is that the opportunity to realize land ownership is within reach in Lexington, KY. 


Despite the fact that there numerous people own horses, they do not always own property to keep the horses. In reality, many horse owners must rely on stables to provide a safe environment for horses. In fact, stables are already equipped with everything that is needed to keep horses. Buyers tend to locate equestrian real estate to eliminate stable fees. In truth, equestrian real estate is a viable solution for horse owners. The cost to maintain stable services can be expensive depending on where an owner is located. Due to the cost associated with services fees, potential buyers may find that investing in land is more appealing in the long-term. 


Horses have many needs. Furthermore, horses need constant exercise, medical treatments, grooming and cleaning. Because the cost of boarding varies, the fees may be more expensive where the services are in higher demand. Additionally, boarding costs may include pasture fees, mucking, and food. Equestrian real estate is great for horse owners who don’t mind getting involved with the daily horsekeeping tasks. Since costs can rise quickly, other options may be more favorable such as land ownership. 


Locate Equestrian Real Estate with an Expert


Buyers considering the idea of owning equestrian real estate might consider working with an experienced Realtor. Equestrian Realtors specialize in horse properties as well as residential properties. They are knowledgeable about the different areas where horse properties exist. Furthermore, the agents are typically equestrians themselves and therefore can give some excellent advice to potential buyers. An experienced agent is capable of helping buyers work through challenging negotiations and tighter budgets. 


Because investing in horse property is a huge step, adequate research is a must. Buyers should gain as much information as possible about the activity of buying and selling equestrian properties. In fact, Lexington, Kentucky is known as “The Horse Capital of the World”. There are many farms in the city that are open for visits with the right preparation. 


In real estate, location is key in finding the best land available. Choosing a horse property does involve some additional considerations such as pastures, soil and trails. Working with an experienced Realtor can reduce challenges with difficult choices. Equestrian real estate agents have specialized knowledge that will make the process clear for both new and seasoned buyers. Prospective buyers may work with K2 Group as an experienced resource for information. In fact, Realtors at the agency are horse owners as well. 


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