Equestrian Real Estate Listings

Equestrian Real Estate Listings

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equestrian real estate listingsThe allure of equestrian real estate listings is not merely just an aspiration. Owning a horse farm is something that many horse owners desire instead of renting out stables. Stable rentals can be costly.  The number of horses that an owner may have to just a few to a large team.  It is however, not uncommon for horse enthusiasts to have one or two. Even with a couple of horses, the animals need adequate space to live and grow. Equestrian real estate can be an ideal solution.

Finding equestrian real estate involves searching for the right amount of land based on what is necessary for acreage. The number of acres needed to maintain horses is dependent upon a wide range of factors. Working alongside a real estate professional that specializes in equine properties will certainly help in distinguishing between different types of land and how much space is available to accommodate a team of horses.

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Additionally shopping equestrian real estate listings can be time consuming. In fact, there are many points to consider. For example, is the property going to double as a bed and breakfast establishment or rural getaway? The reality for many horse enthusiasts is that the possibilities are limitless when it comes to finding the perfect property. Prospective buyers do not have to search too far for horse properties. Local real estate experts with an affinity for horses can help.

The cliche “location is everything” rings true for anyone on the hunt for a property. Typically horse farms are located in areas that are already rural. Horses are commonly found in the South, Midwest, and Western-most parts of the Unite States, where the animals have been living for hundreds of years. The regions are ideal because there happen to be large swaths of land which are essentially undeveloped.

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On the other hand, there are horse owners that live and work in more concentrated areas, suburbs and metropolitan areas. People who live in the city but have horses often must board the beloved animals at stables. Considering the cost for stable fees, it may be more advantageous for some horse enthusiasts to simply invest in purchasing property such a equestrian real estate.

Both Lexington and Louisville, Kentucky are two cities where there are an abundance of horse properties. The areas are well-known for having a very long history with horses. People travel from all over to get up close with some of the world’s most popular Thoroughbred horses. Potential buyers looking for a great opportunity to live in cities with thriving horse communities paired with rich cultural histories will soon discover some of the most beautiful horse properties in the country. Moreover, the region provides a equine-friendly environment where both horses and their human owners can flourish. Although many horse properties are located in rural areas, there are also unique properties for people living in closer proximity to one another.

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