Mini Horse Farm Property

Mini Horse Farm Property

Mini Horse Farm Property for Sale

mini horse farm propertyWhat is a mini horse farm? A mini horse farm property is a small plot of land that is used for horsekeeping. When many people think of equestrian properties, they picture sprawling estates with large mansions. While there are still many luxurious equestrian estates in the region, horse enthusiasts may also consider investing in smaller pieces of land. In fact, there is an ample supply of smaller acres available for purchase. Moreover, purchasing a small horse farm might be very economical.


A mini horse farm property may consist of a working farm with agricultural activities. In other cases, a farm may be devoted solely to raising cattle which in that case is considered a ranch. Still, horses have played a significant role in farming and ranching for hundreds of years. While a good deal of farming has been industrialized with machines, smaller farms do use horses for herding at times. Generally speaking smaller farms, like larger estates will have a private residence where equestrians dwell. The most ideal properties will meet the needs of both horsekeepers and horses for a long time in the future. 


Mini Horse Farm Property Features


The features of a mini horse farm are not unlike a larger estate. There may, however, be fewer buildings on the land. Miniature farms with horses can be as simple or as intricate by design as a buyer prefers. Land can be purchased and developed. In fact, there are blueprints or templates available where people dream up their own farm layouts. Depending on the amount of acres available, it is very possible to build a dream estate. 


What constitutes a mini horse farm? A mini horse farm is small in acreage. For example, a small farm may only include 4 or 5 acres. The ranchette, on the other hand, may be 40 acres and considered small. Regardless of how large or small a plot of land is, as long as there is enough space for horses, they can be raised comfortably. There is a good rule of thumb to maintain: 2 acres of land may accommodate 1 horse. Understandably, the more horses in a team, the greater the amount of acres that are needed to raise them.  Horses need land to graze, space to roam, and enough land to get proper exercise. Due to the fact that horses graze, they also may cause some damage to the soil which means that preventative measures must be taken. 


An equestrian real estate agent works with buyers and sellers in the exchange of horse properties. Furthermore, the Realtors know the residential real estate business as well. Armed with knowledge in both areas of the industry, buyers can trust that equestrian real estate agents have insights into where the ideal properties are located. 


Equestrian Real Estate Agent


Investing in real estate is a serious decision. Choosing to work with an agent that is also a land owner or horse enthusiast will prove effective in dealing with the unique challenges that may arise during the process. There are many factors to keep in mind when searching for a smaller horse property. 

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