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ranchette propertyWhat is a ranchette property? Well, simply put, a ranchette is just a small farm. The term is also used to describe small ranches. When most people think of a horse farm or equestrian real estate, they may have many acres in mind. Smaller horse farms, however, are an attractive option for many reasons. Since horses have been a part of North American culture for hundreds of years, the need for land has always been a serious matter. The fact is that horses need a substantial amount of acres to roam, graze and gain exercise. Furthermore, horse owners enjoy horseback riding which also requires access to trails. 


A ranchette, however, is an affordable way to enjoy the benefits of owning a horse property. The ranchette property is one that consists of less acres than larger estates. Large estates may be as big as 30 or more acres of land. When a smaller amount of land makes more sense, then a ranchette property is an ideal investment. In many cases, a smaller ranch costs less to maintain than a large estate.

Ranchette Property Alternative


Populations across the country continue to grow dense as people travel to new cities. Areas that were once spread out are now moving closer together as new buildings are developed. Due to the demand for sprawling lands, large estates may simply be too far out of reach for some people. The ranchette as a horse farm model costs less for buyers and therefore is an option worth considering. 


Generally, people who enjoy horses have grown up with them, but new horse enthusiasts are growing in numbers. A ranchette could be a viable solution for someone looking to own a horse property that is within close proximity to common urban centers. Many people are looking to enjoy both country living and city life. Suburban solutions provide an answer that is ideal for equestrians that straddle both worlds due to work or travel. 

Small Horse Farms


Despite the fact that investing in a smaller farm might cost less, buyers are still able to build custom homes on the property. In reality, it is possible to design and develop a complete layout for the property. Purchasing previous construction is also an opportunity to invest in turn-key solutions. Working with an established Realtor is helpful in locating ideal properties designed for horses. 


Potential home buyers may find that a small ranch is a unique opportunity to start a business. Ranches may be used for breeding, training, and labor. Regardless of how large or small a ranch is, it will require maintenance. Small farms still require labor but the time invested is worthwhile for many. 


Due to the fact that there are many factors involved in the buying or selling of a small ranch, working with a real estate expert is key. Equestrian Realtors are equipped with the information that is necessary to help discover the best options on the market. 


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