Mini Horse Farm

Purchasing a Mini Horse Farm

People all over the world love horses. In the United States, horses are considered to be part of American history. Horses are used for recreation, agriculture and business. The large four-legged animals have inspired aficionados to consider buying their own  mini horse farm. The farms can be used for a wide range of activities for horse enthusiasts to include housing and maintaining the animals for personal reasons and also as an enterprise.

If you are entertaining the idea of purchasing a mini horse farm, then the best place to start looking by far is Kentucky. Home of the famous Kentucky Derby, the state happens to have one of the largest populations of horses in the United States. The U.S. has an estimated 2 million horses across different states which span the Southeast, Midwest and West. The region has a long and rich history and horses have very much been a  part of human existence since at least the 18th century. Lexington, a city in Kentucky which has over 400 horse farms is known as ‘The Horse Capital of the World’. Being an equestrian in Kentucky, for many, is simply a lifestyle. 

Purchasing a mini horse farm is a great way to provide ample space for a team of horses to thrive. Horses, regardless of their size require extensive care. Additionally, caring for horses is a costly investment for many people. The animals require adequate housing, food, water, land to graze, medical care equipment and exercise to stay healthy. The work involved in maintaining horse quarters usually involves many different people from a family or by way of hired staff that is charged with the day to day tasks on a farm or estate. Smaller sized farms can provide everything that a large farm does in a down-scaled model which means less work. 

Why Buy a Mini Horse Farm?

Buying a mini horse farm is an economical option for some horse owners. The work that is involved in caring for horses is not only an investment of money, but an investment of time. Due to the fact that many horse owners do not own land, they rely on boarding facilities to keep their equines. Boarding facilities may be ideal for a horse enthusiast that rides for recreation but lives in an urban center. Investing in a mini horse farm can solve the problem of finding a permanent dwelling for your horse. The cost of boarding horses ranges from a couple of hundred dollars a month to several thousand depending on where the horse is boarded and what fees are included in its care. 

Owners who have a few horses may not require numerous acres of land. Roughly 2 acres is enough for at least one horse. The estimate is used as a rule of thumb when searching for the right amount of land to accommodate the animals. Of course personal preferences also factor into the amount of land that is necessary as well as lifestyle activities such as horseback riding. 

Since mini horse farms require less land area, they may be positioned in regions that are in closer proximity to metropolitan cities. While there are some horse lovers that prefer to live in large, wide open spaces, others still love horses but prefer the convenience of city life; a miniature horse farm can bring the best of both worlds together with merely a short drive. 

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