Equestrian Estate Properties Lexington

Equestrian Estate Properties Lexington

Equestrian Estate Properties

equestrian estate propertiesEquestrian estate properties are a unique investment in Lexington, KY. K2 Group specializes in horse properties, farms and luxury estates. The fact of the matter is that equestrian properties range in size. Some horse properties are small plots of land with modest accommodations and others include large estates with mansion homes. Investing in an equestrian estate as a first time buyer is a complex process that is best done with a professional real estate agent. 

Realtors that specialize in horse properties and large estates have experience living on farms or raising horses. Furthermore, an equestrian Realtor will have a firm understanding of the requirements surrounding farm lands including laws and local guidelines. Most people that invest in horse properties have experience with raising horses. Buyers embarking on the journey to purchase an equestrian estate for the first time may or may not have had experiences with horses. For the most part, buyers interested in expanding to a horse estate likely already own either one or a smaller team of horses. 

One of the main reasons why equestrian estate properties are an appealing option is the fact that owners can maintain their own horses nearby. Horse owners that do not have adequate space to raise the animals must keep them in a stable. Keeping horses in a stable involves services fees that vary in cost. Purchasing a horse property is an ideal solution that allows horses to remain close to their owners. 

Researching an Equestrian Real Estate

Before purchasing a horse property, a buyer must perform research to determine the type of land he or she would like to buy. Land available in Lexington, KY varies in size and physical characteristics. Prospective buyers can begin a search for land through local listings. K2 Group provides listings for Lexington and surrounding cities. Horse property listings may only provide land where people can build their future estate, or land with dwellings for both humans and horses. Furthermore, it is possible to develop a custom-built property. 

Caring for horses is a labor-intensive job that requires a lengthy time commitment. Despite the fact that labor is involved in raising the animals, horse enthusiasts are dedicated to caring for the equines for a lifetime. In fact, working with horses can be a very rewarding activity. Moreover, the love of horses is also passed on to future generations thereby creating a legacy of equestrian ownership. 

Prior to purchasing an equestrian estate, buyers should keep in mind location, acres, soil and the community. Choosing the right location will make a difference in the experience of owning a horse property. Buyers should focus on horse-friendly areas that are located within a reasonable distance from amenities. Furthermore, horse farms should be located in areas where there are other horse owners for the most favorable experience. Additionally, buyers should consider travel for work, leisure, school and medical needs when investing in a property. 


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