What is a Ranchette?

Ranches are common in the United States and other parts of the world. In many cases. From the early settlement days of the country, ranching has been a way of life for people who practice herding livestock. A Ranchette is a smaller alternative to the sprawling lands often used by ranchers and cowboys in various parts of the world. Horses have been used for hundreds of years for the practice of herding and even with the evolution of machinery in agriculture, they are still very important to the activity. 

As home to over 2 million horses of various breeds, the U.S. has the greatest population of horses. Horse owners consist of a unique combination of people, however, the one thing that they have in common is their passion and expertise in caring for the equines. Although the United States has more horses than any other country in the world, many owners have yet to invest in their own property. A ranchette may be a viable option for anyone looking for more land for their horses without invested in massive plots of land. 

Raising horses is often considered a luxury because tending to the animals can be rather costly. Adding up monthly boarding fees at the stable, grazing costs, food, medical expenses and the cost of equipment leads many owners to look for more budget-friendly alternatives without sacrificing their beloved animals. While some horse owners opt to invest in large properties that hold numerous facilities, others would prefer something that takes up less space. 

In several parts of the country, the popularity of ranchettes is climbing. In areas such as Kentucky, where horses have a longstanding history, the smaller horse estates can provide an economical alternative to the more expensive farms that contain many acres. Depending on how many horses you have and their size, investing in a ranchette is a choice worth considering. 

The fact of the matter is that while many horse estates are located in equestrian communities, as humans continue to build and move closer together, ranches may be closer in proximity to metropolitan areas than decades past. People can get the best of country living and experiencing city life within a short distance by making the right investment. 

Buying a Ranchette

Ranchettes are less costly than larger areas of land. Due to the fact that the ranchette is fore affordable, horse owners are likely to see a decrease in the maintenance of their equines. Research also shows that although the land on a smaller ranch is lesser in size, the residential dwellings located on the same plot frequently convey ample size. Additionally, there are some benefits to owning the smaller estates. For example, depending on the location, there may be some tax benefits gained from investing in the properties. 

Finding the perfect ranch is possible with the help of an experienced real estate agent. Agents that specialize in equine properties can help with navigating the challenges associated with buying a smaller property designed for use with horses. 

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