Equestrian Estate Properties

Equestrian Estate Properties

Equestrian Estate Properties in Lexington


equestrian estate propertiesEquestrian estate properties are used for a number of activities. Although horseback riding is a popular pastime for equestrians, properties are also ideal for simply raising horses. Lexington, Kentucky is one place where it is easy to find an equestrian estate for sale. Kentucky is known as the Bluegrass State. The region is home to some of the most horse estates found in the country. In fact, in nearby Louisville, the annual Kentucky Derby is considered an iconic event. 


People in search of an equestrian estate should consider K2 Group as Realtor with expertise. K2 Group specializes in residential properties and equestrian estate properties. Individuals interested in locating property in a horse-friendly city will discover that it really doesn’t get any better than Lexington, Kentucky. With over 450 different horse properties in existence, Lexington is a great place to become immersed in equestrian culture. 


Equestrian Estate Properties for Sale


Horse properties in Lexington, Kentucky cover a vast range of activities. In some cases, an equestrian estate may be simply a personal residence. In other cases, horsekeeping may be part of a working farm. Some facilities breed horses for sport or competition. Furthermore, horse properties may also provide specialized services such as veterinary care, therapy and boarding of animals. 


Investing in an equestrian estate takes adequate research because there are many options available in places like Louisville or Lexington, Kentucky. Working with a Realtor will save time in the move to find the perfect plot of land. Furthermore, Lexington offers plenty by way of acreage and proximity to amenities. Potential home buyers will discover that owning a horse property does not have to be a dream; owning an estate with horses can actually be a reality. 


Chances are that prospective buyers will find a variety of properties that suit almost anyone’s unique personality. It is possible to find sprawling estates that are 20 or more acres in size with traditional style living quarters. Additionally, smaller estates are available but deliver equally as much luxury. If luxury is not a preference for buyers, functionality may rank higher. From modern homes to traditional designs, prospective buyers will find that there is no shortage of options. 

Horse Properties


The current equestrian real estate market provides a myriad of properties for almost every type of lifestyle. For example, for people that prefer to live in stately mansions, they are still available. Urban dwellers who prefer to live closer to the city will also find properties that will house horses comfortably. Buyers can explore sleek designs and cutting-edge architecture while still having traditional flare. When it comes to investing in horse real estate properties, there is something for everyone. 


Furthermore, the budget should not restrict potential home buyers from investing in horse real estate. In fact, there are prices that vary from several hundred thousand dollars to well over a million. Actually, there are even smaller horse farms that can be purchased for well under 100K. Small estates still provide enough land for horsekeeping.

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