Invest in a Ranchette Property

Invest in a Ranchette Property

Ranchette Property

ranchette propertyThere are countless stories about people who have given up living the city life in exchange for country living. Horse owners who rely on boarding to maintain their beloved animals often dream about having their own property. As an alternative to large swaths of land, a equine enthusiast may consider a ranchette property. Novel horse owners can foray into land ownership.

Equestrian estates are vast in many cases and may span well over 20 acres. A  ranchette is a much smaller area of land that may consist of as little as 2 acres. For many a small property is more affordable but still offers the benefits of country or rural living.

Horse enthusiasts who dream of having their team of equines will find a host of real estate options available. In the cities of Lexington, Kentucky and also Louisville, potential buyers can work with a equestrian real estate expert to locate small farms or what some call a ranchette.

Small Horse Farm Properties

The fact of the matter is that even with a few acres, owners can develop the ranchette property of their dreams. With 2-4 acres, it is possible to build a small horse property with enough space for a small team of horses. Horses need space to grow, graze, exercise and thrive. Moreover, smaller ranches which are located near larger areas of land may provide access to riding trails. Selecting a horse farm that is suitable for one’s personal aspirations is about location but there are many other aspects to keep in mind.

Some prospective buyers, depending on their budget prefer to build a horse property so that it has everything they could ever ant or need. In other cases, buyer may prefer properties that were previously owned or sold “as is”. “As is” properties may require some cosmetic work on existing facilities. Provided the budget is available to invest, renovating horse farms can be a rewarding experience.

Find a Horse Property

When it comes to finding the right team of people to help bring your vision of the perfect horse property to life, an equestrian real estate agent is the best  place to start. Equestrian realtors are a knowledgeable source for information. Realtors that specialize in horse properties such as ranchettes have specialized experience in handling the purchase and sales of horse properties as well as residential real state. Furthermore, the real estate experts often have a large list of contacts to cover services such as construction, electrical work, interior and exterior design, building contractors and landscapers to name just a few.

Small farms, like larger properties also have several different structures. Custom buildings can help to meet the needs of both humans and horses. The number of buildings that may be on a compound will vary.  Even with a ranchette little as 2.5 acres, it is possible to develop a horse property that includes all of the structures necessary to raise horses and live comfortably. Interested in discovering a beautiful horse property?

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