Searching for Equestrian Real Estate Properties

Searching for Equestrian Real Estate Properties

Discovering Equestrian Real Estate Properties

equestrian real estate propertiesOwning horses is very much a part of the Americana ethos. Horses have been in the country since as early as the 18th century, many people are discovering the the dream of owning equestrian real estate. Horses were once used primarily for transportation, farming and agriculture. Furthermore, the strong animals were used to haul heavy items and herd cattle. While horses are still used for some of these activities, they are often kept as loving family members. Additionally, horses are used for therapy and also for sport. Regardless of why a person chooses to own a horse, the fact of the matter is that the animals require ample space to thrive. Equestrian real estate properties are a path to land ownership.

Horse Farm Land

Equestrian real estate is a great investment for horse enthusiasts. Whether for personal reasons or for enterprise, having enough space available to raise horses provides a wonderful opportunity to explore a wide range of possibilities. Land owners need about 2 acres for each horse to live comfortably. Horses need land to graze on and space to exercise because of their stature. Even if you do not have a whole team of horses, 2 acres is plenty to work with when it comes to building your dream estate.

There are many options available for equestrian real estate properties, especially in Lexington, Kentucky, the ‘Horse Capital of the World’. Lexington, KY has over 400 different horse farms. The farms are used for working activities and other aspects of the equestrian lifestyle. In fact, every year, thousands of people travel to greet some of the most famous Thoroughbred horses. Not only are the horses a captivating sight, but visitors to the city cannot help but get lost in the rich history of the area.

Lexington is an ideal city to consider on your search for equestrian real estate. The city is the epitome of the equestrian lifestyle so it is more than just horse-friendly. Future land-owners will discover a supportive community and a host of experts in raising horses that cannot be found nearly anywhere else.

Why Equestrian Real Estate Land?

While there are some people that choose to stable their horses, others truly wish to find a place where they can build their own stables. With property, horse owners cand tend to their horses whenever they please. Having a property that duels as a family residence and a horse estate is ideal for many families who do not wish to spend any time away from their beloved four-legged creatures.

Many families have, for years built profitable enterprises around raising horses. From training on how to ride horses stables, the equine community covers a vast scope of businesses. Equestrian companies also cater to an ever-growing base of consumers. There are people who have raised horses for a lifetime. Furthermore, there are newer horse owners just getting started. Regardless, finding an ideal property is very possible. Choosing to work with an experienced real estate agent will make the task easier.

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