Equestrian Estate Investment Property

Equestrian Estate Investment Property

Equestrian Estate Investment

equestrian estate investmentPurchasing an equestrian estate investment is a lucrative investment for many natural horse enthusiasts. In fact, many thriving companies already exist even if that was not their original intent. Horses have a long history in the US.

Since the arrival of horses to the present, the role of the animals in American life is quite symbolic. Throughout history, horses have played an important role in developing rich agricultural communities. Moreover, horses are threaded into American’s culture especially in the Southeast, Midwest and Western and Northwester parts of the country. Lexington, KY, however has been dubbed ‘The Horse Capital of the World’. The city has been named as such because of its unique relationship with horses and the equestrian lifestyle. An equestrian estate will place horse owners in the heart of horse country.

Many horse owners decide to invest in an equestrian estate because they realize that they can turn their passion into a profitable venture or simply because they just enjoy sharing their love of horses with the wider community. Regardless of why an individual chooses to purchase an equestrian estate investment property for horses, the move can provide an extensive amount of benefits for horse owners.

Locating an Equestrian Property

Raising horses is not an activity that is for the faint of heart. The are of equines involves back-breaking labor and most often times than not, an entire team of caretakers. In some cases, the caretakers may include family or other loved ones and in others, it may be hired hands. Learning to raise horses is a lifelong journey that begins for many as young children having grown up with horses. In the south, where land is sprawling, the conditions are ideal for raising horses that need a lot of space to roam, exercise and graze.

In Kentucky, the home of the Kentucky Derby, prospective equestrian estate owners will find a vast assortment of land options available to suit a variety of preferences. Buyers can turn ranches or stables into lucrative businesses. Kentucky, known as the Blue Grass State, offers an abundance of land for future horse property owners.

Find Equestrian Properties

When browsing around for an equestrian estate, it is important not only to consider the amenities a buyer would prefer for their own dwelling, but also what types of features they would like to have that will accommodate their horse or horses. Some important aspects to consider when looking at properties are very similar to finding a non-equestrian property, however, there are a few additional points to keep in mind.

Consider the amount of acres that buyers will need for their estate while they are shopping the market. As they consider their own needs for access to facilities, commercial establishments and medical facilities, potential buyers should also think about the type of support that will be nearby for a horse or team. Horses need space to roam in order to graze and prospects may wish to have ample area for recreational riding. Selecting a community that is horse-friendly will make the experience of owning a horse property even more enjoyable.

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