A Ranchette Horse Farm Estate

A Ranchette Horse Farm Estate

Ranchette Horse Farm Estate Sales

ranchette horse farmHorse enthusiasts who are interested in owning property but don’t necessarily want too many acres might consider the benefits of a ranchette. A ranchette horse farm estate is ideal for people and horses. A small ranch is not a new concept, and in fact it dates back several hundred years. Speaking to the origins of U.S. settlement and the import of horses into the New World, ranches were a way of life for many Americans. Many parts of the country still practice ranching today and horses are just as significant today as they were back in the 18th Century.

Today, as cities enclose on once rural areas, the idea of a ranchette is more appealing to some people who would prefer a combination of city life and country living. Where cattle were once spread out along wide swaths of land, it is not uncommon to find smaller farms in close proximity to one another across the country. Some people also prefer to live in smaller rural communities, but due to work obligations must commute to larger cities to earn a living, attend school or handle errands like shopping at larger stores. A ranchette horse farm can offer the best of many worlds.

How to find a Small Horse Property

Finding a ranchette is possible with the help of a horse real estate expert. Your realtor can help you find a property that falls within the range of what would be considered a small ranch. Ranchettes are typically no larger than a few acres. The amount of land that you require, will greatly be determined by how many horses you already have or plan to have. For each horse that you own, or plan to board, you will need more land to accommodate the animals. Small horse farms are ideal for owners with a relatively small team whether as personal domesticated animals, for farming or for business.

Once in a while you can find a turn-key ranch that is move-in ready. In other cases, you may be more interested in purchasing your own plot of land and building your future home and stables from the ground up. Either option can be the start of a rewarding journey that will last for many years.

Miniature Horse Properties

The ranchette as a horse farm requires somewhat less work than a large ranch simply because it cannot house as many horses and there is going to be less land to tend to. Raising horses requires a large amount of labor so if you have a large team, you and your horses may be more comfortable with more space.

You can start your search for ranchettes with a licensed real estate agent that has a background in residential properties as well as horse properties. Identifying the goals that you hope to achieve with your small ranch will also help to narrow down the selection of options available. How long do you plan to stay at the ranch? Will you eventually have plans to expand? Is your small ranch simply for personal recreation or will it dual as a business or working farm?

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